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Do you feel guilty because you have participated in the Red Dress Run for years on end and have never lifted a finger to help out? Well worry no longer, here are the ways that you can help out and get involved with raising funds for the Charity. Guilt is such a terrible thing to live with...

Join the RDR Commitee:
Please consider if you would like to participate on the organizing committee. It's a lot of fun. The rewards are great. You could earn sex or at the very least a beer or two.....and imagine the recognition!

Pledge Sheets:
In an effort to raise additional funds for our Charity. We will be issuing Red Dress Run Pledge Sheets to all interested runners.

This is a fun and easy way to collect pledges from your friends, family and co-workers for this worthwhile cause.

Pledge sheets will be available for download from this website.

Volunteer to carry a donation can during the run
Donations cans will be made available on the day of the run. When curious on-lookers enquire as to why you are running around in a Red Dress, explain that you are raising money for charity and kindly ask for their donation.

Contact Happy Beaver if you "can" help out.

Secure Corporate Sponsorship
Ask your employer and businesses that you frequent for donations. Corporate donations can be made in either cash or auction item merchandise/services.

Volunteer your time. Ask any Red Dress Run Committee member how you can volunteer to help out for this worthwhile cause.

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Get involved


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