Who's Cumming?

RDR 2017 Registration list as at March 27th, 2017

N.B. - Haberdashery is limited to those who register by April 24th...just sayin'...

1Porta PartyEH3 Yes
2Bang My TitsEH3 Yes
3Wine RackEH3 Yes
4Cherry PoppinsEH3 Perhaps
5Restricted EntryEH3 Other
6Bare WoodyEH3 Other
7Ass WipeEH3 Other
8Boobie TrapEH3 Other
9JordanEH3 Yes
10Foul MouthEH3 Yes
11BlowHolEEH3 Other
12Pleasure ChestRDH3 Other
13Screaming Wet HoleEH3 Other
14Finger FoodEH3 Other
15Free WoodyEH3 Yes
16Gobble MeEH3 Yes
17Granny PantiesCalgary H3 Yes
18Lying Sack of ShitCalgary H3 Yes
19White BallsCalgary H3 Yes/No/Perhaps/Other/None of the above
20Going Down EasyEH3 Yes
21Butt FlossEH3 Yes
22Eat OutEH3 None of the above
23Summer SlutEH3 Yes

If you have registered but your name does not appear on this list,
it is probably because you were too lazy to register on-line and made the poor, poor Registrar's process your registration manually. If you would like your name to appear on this list, simply register again on-line.....No they won't make you pay twice.......on-on

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Red Dress Run, EdmONtON, Alberta, Canada
A drinking club with a running problem